Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Files protected by TrustedInstaller

I have resolved the issue, so in the screen shots you wouldn’t see trusted installed listed but I’ll try to give enough information for you to be able to know what I did.

  • Log in as an administrator.
  • Now, go the folder you have been having trouble with (in deleting, renaming a file under it etc)
  • Right click on the parent folder

  • Select TrustedInstaller because thats what is protecting the file/folder and then click on button 'Advanced'
  • navigate to 'Owner' tab
  • the current owner shall be listed, please select account which you want to give access to.

  • Click "OK" until you have closed all properties windows and are back to the Windows Explorer screen. Then right click on the file again and choose "Properties".
  • Click on the Security tab again, and click the "Edit" button.

  •  Click on the user name that you want to change the permissions for, which should be the same as who you changed the current owner too, and check on the box next to "Full Control".